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Come along and support your hound while you enjoy the hog roast and have a drink at the bar.

There will be 6 races, the first 5 with 6 runners & then a Championship race.

All the hounds will be available for sponsorship at £5 each. The winning hound in each race will be allocated 10% of the total stake money for the race. Each sponsor of this hound will receive an equal share of this winning pot. The remaining money will go towards hunt funds. Details of the hounds racing are below. You can sponsor them by contacting  Hon Sec Claire Armet or using the website contact.

You will be able to bid on the day in pre race auctions to become the “owner” of a hound. The winning owner will receive a prize of their winning bid plus 25% of combined bids for the other 5 hounds.

First race 12pm

First race, unentered houndsClasherSawdustSawmillTransfer WinstonWickerSecond race, VeteranArcher MasherMaydayGretalRosewood RusticThird race, novice RoyalRoxburgh RoverRoderick JitterbugSapphire Fourth race, restricted AlbionMelrose Trailer Treasure SandyGranary Fifth race, open RulerRuncimanRuffleRustyMableGreedySixth race, championship The first hound in each race