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Hound Point to Point

Course walk video link https://www.facebook.com/118187731563134/videos/228236665174689/

Ground conditions video link https://www.facebook.com/claire.bellamy.5815/videos/851907841958958/

Aerial view of course https://www.facebook.com/118187731563134/videos/2684963121738982/

There will be 2 races, one for older hounds & a second for the young entry. All the hounds will be available for sponsorship at £5 each. The winning hound in each race will be allocated 10% of the total stake money for the race. Each sponsor of this hound will receive an equal share of this winning pot. The remaining money will go towards hunt funds. Pictures of the hounds are below.  You can sponsor them by contacting us via the webpage or Hon Sec Claire Armet.

Thank you to our marvellous fence sponsors:

Fence 1. The farmers fence, this fence is built as a Thank you to the Lauderdale farmers. They never stop working and supply us with top notch food to keep us going.  Campbells of Oxton have kindly sponsored this fence. They have also been extremely busy in lockdown helping move stock around the borders.
Fence 2. SB&Co have very kindly sponsored this fence, I have put it after the farmers fence as where there is livestock there is dead stock! The hounds also run on Pussy power !!
Fence 3. Aardvark Safaris have very kindly sponsored this fence. Hopefully if we have survived Covid 19. Some of us might be lucky enough to have a riding safari holiday after lockdown!
Fence 4. Mark Grant has kindly sponsored this fence. He has been busy keeping everyone’s gardens looking nice for lockdown and after. He can help you with all your gardening needs.
Fence 5. Burgh Fencing have kindly sponsored this one as James fixed this fence and did another fence for us at kennels. 👍🏻Proper job.
Fence 6. Hoods Honey have sponsored this fence. Another company that has been as busy as a bee 🐝. Making soap and hand wash for everyone to keep Covid 19 at bay.
Fence 7. The Lammermuir Moorland Group have kindly sponsored this fence. They do an amazing job on the ground and teaching the general public about conservation. Without their moorland management we would have lost a lot of species of birds by now. It is critical that everyone understands how important conservation works.
Fence 8. Bedmax Shavings have sponsored this fence. They do different types of shavings to suit your needs. Stockmax for farmers, this is what I use for the hounds it is antibacterial and keeps them lovely and clean.

The Finish Sinclair Family, Crookston

The Winning Hounds Buccleuch Arms Hotel, St Boswells

The race will take place on 10th May.  As we are in lockdown, the race will be videoed & posted on the Lauderdale Hunt Facebook page as well as being on this page.

Bashing the posts for the race

Course construction under way at Trabroun

Button supervising the construction

Open Race hounds on top row, Maiden Race hounds below

Some of our sponsors